Fotos: Anne Sophie Kapsner


von missister ann
Collage | Objekt

Ausstellung im Rahmen des Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017, 5. bis 8. September in der Konstfack (Vita Havet)

“Ladies-beard”, pit hair, pubic hair, leg hair: beauty-no-go, disgusting, ugly. Female* body hair polarizes. With the first hair appearing on the body thousands of cosmetics come into operation to stop it. Female* bodies need to be smooth. This is what media tells us and is implanted to our minds. As a result women* can’t decide by themselves how to wear their body hair. Social convention dictates it.

‚be*haart / be*hairdy‘

[a composition of Engl. ‚to be‘, ‚hairy‘, ‚hardy‘ and Ger. ‚behaart‘ (hairy) and ‚hart‘ (hard)] exposes female* body hair. Pit hair is shown ostentatiously and gender boundaries become blurry – especially since there is a face, too. A face gazing at the viewer’s* gaze.

What is female* / male*? 

Does body hair characterize our gender?

Why does the view on female* and male* body hair differ so much in our society? 

Who decides the concept of beauty?

Artist* Missister Ann first appeared out of the kingdom behind the moon in autumn 2016. Since then s’he has been growing, trying to express the oppression of female* bodies.

Share your hair. | No shave, no shame. | Pit hair: don’t care. | Hair is natural – deal with it.


mein haar ist / Gedicht

mein haar ist

mein haar ist
mein haar
ist nicht mein haar
ist nicht politisch
ist anstößig
nicht | schön
m | ein haar polarisiert.
widersetzt sich
ist nicht ich
ist selbst | subjekt